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Train the Trainer - Improve Your Training Delivery Skills



Using in-house expertise to teach the rest of the organisation is

cost-effective, offers valuable career development for the trainers

and assures that the training is conducted by subject-matter

experts who also know the organisation well.


No matter if you have a lot, little or no previous experience,

we can help you become a more confident, interesting and

memorable trainer.



  • Train the Trainer (for first-time trainers with little or no previous experience)


  • Improving Your Training Delivery Skills (for those of you

             with some training experiences seeking to enhance your technique)


  • Advanced Training Delivery Skills (for established teachers on all levels seeking to find new ideas, renewed enthusiasm, improved  techniques and/or feedback on your existing teaching style)


  • The Occasional Trainer (for those of you who may not deliver big training programs, but who find yourself teaching or instructing others and who would like to learn more about the mechanisms of adult learning).



Our training programs help you:

  • plan, deliver and evaluate training
  • deliver training which is structured, inspiring and effective
  • identify different learning styles and understand how people learn
  • gain and keep the attention of you audience
  • help your delegates retain and be able to use what they have learnt
  • deal with challenging questions and delegates
  • be confident and enjoy your role as a trainer



For Whom?

Professionals at all levels, with a training or instructing role, in the corporate or public sector.



"I am always ready to learn although I do not 

always like being taught." - Winston Churchill























 Memorable Training Delivery



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