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Intercultural Skills - Corporate



Intercultural communication skills and cultural awareness can be crucial for the success of modern global organisations.   


Whether working with international clients or with a culturally diverse team, possessing “cultural intelligence” and global people skills will build trust and lead to improved communication and strengthened relationships.


Our training programmes show how awareness of culturally different approaches to communication, decision making, negotiation, management styles and business etiquette, can be what determines a fruitful relationship and wins you the deal.




We offer programs in:


  • Intercultural Skills - General Cultural Awareness and Global Communication and Collaboration Skills


  • Culture-specific Training and Coaching


  • Expatriate Training - Cultural orientation and practical skills for newly-arrived staff and families, and for expatriates preparing to relocate.



For Whom? 

Professionals at all levels who either:

  • manage or are members of a culturally diverse team,
  • communicate with international colleagues or clients,or
  • are expatriate professionals or accompanying spouses





Develop Your

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)















Intercultural Skills at University - Faculty and Students




As most professions become increasingly global in character, universities experience higher demands and expectations to equip their students with the cultural awareness and global collaboration skills they need for their future careers


At the same time, university classrooms are more culturally diverse than ever. Faculty members therefore need enhanced intercultural skills, a raised awareness of culturally inherent values and their implications for successful communication, learning and cooperation. Only then will they be able to use the multicultural student group as the asset it is, and to successfully motivate, coach and teach the future professionals and global citizens within.




 For faculty, we offer seminars and workshops in:


  • Intercultural Skills -  General Cultural Awareness and Global Communication and Collaboration Skills 


  • Culture-Specific Training and Coaching


  • Intercultural Skills In The Classroom - How to manage, motivate and teach a multicultural student group


  • Teaching Intercultural Skills - How to incorporate cultural awareness and intercultural skills into the course curriculum


For students of all levels, we offer training in:


  • Developing Intercultural Skills- General Cultural Awareness and Global Communication Skills 


  • Culture-Specific Training - for students in projects involving international collaboration


Our Intercultural Training programs will increase your understanding of culturally inherent values and their impact on communication, cooperation, management style, decision making, learning styles, motivational factors, business behaviour and social etiquette.



For Whom? 

University professionals and students of all levels who either:

  • manage or are members of a culturally diverse team,
  • teach or are otherwise involved with a multicultural student group,
  • are involved in international projects and collaborations,
  • wish to pursue an international career, or
  • are expatriate professionals or accompanying spouses.





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